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Horror art tour

Thanks to everyone who rated, commented, and voted on my last blog post. It seems that sending an update once a month is the most popular frequency (I'm very grateful no one suggested once a week, I just don't think I could manage it). I've decided to send my updates on the 13th of each month, so here is the first post following that schedule!

Check out the horror art in my gallery

I wanted to give a little tour of my gallery and the horror art that is currently on here. I am planning on adding new ones very soon (maybe in next month's update?).

Currently, when you click on Gallery, you see this. Any guesses on what might be coming soon? Write your guesses (or suggestions!) in the comments! I have a couple of portfolio ideas and when those have been built up those will go here.

I only have three series up at the moment. I wanted to focus on newer artworks, and work towards new series which will eventually be here under Original Art.

The three series are:

Archive and Oral Fixation are pretty much done, and I don't think I'll be adding anything new to them (at least, not any time soon).

Baby Dolls, however, only has the pencil drawings uploaded at the moment. If you follow my social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram) you probably saw the progress and completed photos of Baby Doll paintings. These will be the first new artworks to be added to the website in a month's time!

After that, it really will be a surprise what new art is added - I don't even know which ones it will be yet!

I've been working on painted versions of drawings I've done, new versions of Archive artworks, and brand new paintings, so there are many options.

If you've seen any recent art on my social media that you particularly like, comment below and let me know! Maybe I'll work on finishing that one first!

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The page is looking great and enjoy your progress on pieces. I think the notebook stuff is fantastic.

Dec 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! Sorry for the month-late reply!

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