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Why am I pursuing art when there is AI?

I was asking myself that question when I initially started drafting this blog.

Using AI as a tool is totally cool. But what is happening with AI and art is straight-up theft and copyright infringement (in my opinion), and I don't understand how there's any debate about it. I don't feel equipped (emotionally) to go in-depth on this, and it seems a little pointless when others have done it much more eloquently than I can (see Kelly McKernan, especially this interview).

In reality, AI created images are little threat to me because I am not big enough on the map to be of use to them! And, thankfully, some of the things I have issue with seem to be heading to a positive resolution for artists (fingers crossed, and thank you to the likes of people like Kelly McKernan!).

But that's not really the reason for this blog post. Controversies around AI created images made me think about why I am pursuing art at all. Especially this recent effort of creating a new website. And ESPECIALLY when in future I want to pursue book cover design (which is an area where I've seen a lot of AI controversy).

So, let's answer the question.

Why am I pursuing art when there is AI?

Answer: Because I like making art.

That's it. I put so much time, effort, and stress into this new website because I like making art. I have no grand expectations about becoming a book cover artist, or frankly, being a professional/full-time artist in any way. I hope that happens and I will still work towards it. But I'm not putting pressure on myself to "make it".

Sometimes I do get down when it feels like no one cares about my art. But I'm comforted by the fact that I care about my art.

So, I'll continue to paint, craft, and update this website. And I can do so knowing I'm not using keywords to steal other people's art in the process.

Custom art?

Next month's blog post will be asking for expressions of interest in getting custom art from me. So keep your eyes peeled if you've been asking for a commission!

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