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Self-portrait of the artist. Rectangle shape showing just over half of the face at a slight angle. Dark makeup, red hair, and a spiked collar.

Why do people like horror stories? Hopefully, you didn’t read that thinking I’m about to answer the question. I’m not. I just wonder why I and others get excited when we see a Cenobite, or a Xenomorph, or a child possessed by a demon.

The fact is, I do get excited by weird and creepy imagery, so that’s what I want to create. I consider myself a horror artist, and I create figurative, representational artworks, usually using the traditional medium of watercolour painting. While horror movies are a big inspiration to me, I don’t think my artwork looks cinematic at all. My work is more like portraits of the characters that may be in a horror movie (or your nightmares).

If you’re one of us, my artwork will be a strange comfort to you. I hope you find something you can put on your wall (yes, you can put weird artwork on your wall, I do!). Or, at least, join me on my forays into making t-shirts, book covers, and other fun stuff.

Most of all, I hope you stick around to interpret your own horror stories from my paintings.

Morgan Ryan, BFA

(Cross-Eyed Morgan)

Wellington, New Zealand

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