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Creepy baby doll art uploaded

The creepy baby doll series of art is complete (for now)!

I only ended up doing two paintings, but they have now been uploaded to the website and you can view them in detail here.

I love the skin colours in these paintings. Recently I've been working on a couple paintings that aren't quite as dark, so it's nice to look back at these. Definitely going to do more in this direction.

Technically, there's still one baby doll painting I started years ago - it was an acrylic painting on fabric, intended to be a back patch for a jacket. I'll get back to it, one day! And who knows, I might revisit some of the drawings and do painted versions of those too!

I've also scanned the Cathulu artwork for the giveaway winner, and my ONRAC fan art. Would you like to see these in more detail on the website?

Currently, I'm not really working on a series. I have many ideas I want to get through, but I'm also opening up to the idea of commissions. If you would like a commission, please comment below!

Just this short update today, I'll be back next month with something yet to be determined! If there's anything you want to hear about, just comment and let me know!


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