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Cathulu and ONRAC Artwork

I have a couple artworks from December last year that don't currently fit the categories on my website. They're both slightly different from the direction I want to go in, but I thought they were worth showcasing.


This Cathulu (Cat + Cthulu) painting was a custom piece for one of the giveaway winners last year. I don't often paint animals (can't really think of many, or any, other examples!). I imagined Cathulu as a scruffy cat, but needed to make it work with the more aquatic features (which I guess is just the tentacles). I kind of wish I'd made the fur go down further and fade out better, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out. I love the green colours.


This painting was based on a drawing I'd done previously, with a few minor tweaks. For those that don't know, ONRAC stands for Oh No, Ross and Carrie! which is my absolute favourite podcast. They take part in things such as fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal (when they make the claims, Ross and Carrie show up so we don't have to!).

This image came into my mind because in the early days of ONRAC, Ross and Carrie would do a pseudoscience rating, and spontaneously Carrie described an example of something pseudoscientific as your whole body being made of goat sperm...

So... I'm partly horrified and disgusted at myself for this artwork, and partly proud of how hilarious it is (to me).

If you're also a fan of ONRAC, can you point out the other references?

Other artworks

I'm planning on having other categories in my gallery when I have enough of each theme to fill them. In blog posts coming up I will be showcasing some artwork that didn't make it to the website, and work that is currently in the archive but is likely to be removed. Making space for new stuff!

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