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New giveaway winners! How are you liking the new horror website?

After months of work, it's nice to have my website just here. Doing its thing. Being a horror website (I have to write "horror" in here for the SEO. I don't know how it works. I'm just doing what my site-building platform tells me to do).

No more fixing. Except that's not really true, of course, I always have to do updates and make edits. But if I can't be bothered for a while, this website won't collapse.

Not constantly making updates is probably why I'm not famous on Social Media (or in the real world) but I digress.

I launched the site a couple of weeks ago, so I just thought I'd check-in. Have you had a look around yet??

How do you like receiving a blog notification instead of all of this text being in an email to you? Did you know you can give star ratings to my blog posts? Definitely give that a go here or on my other posts!

Your engagement is greatly appreciated, so you're welcome to comment here or email me with any of your feedback. Send your suggestions too. What kind of blog posts would you like? What do you want to see when I one day open the shop?

I don't plan on sending these updates all the time - I don't want to spam you! But I should do something regularly. What do you think is a good frequency? Personally, I'm leaning towards once a month, maybe even once every two months. I need something that is sustainable for me, doesn't overload you, but also doesn't let you forget me!

How often should I send updates?

  • Once a month

  • Once every two months

  • Other (please comment your suggestions!)

You can vote for more than one answer.

(There were limited design options on this poll....)

New giveaway winners

Of the four main winners (first and second prize on both Facebook and Instagram), three people claimed their prize. I ended up re-drawing the first place Instagram winner. Currently, I'm waiting to hear from the re-drawn person about their prize selection.

Unfortunately, if they don't get back in touch, I've decided not to re-draw. As I said earlier, I'm not particularly famous, so my giveaways had limited entries. I feel I've tried pretty darn hard to give away some art and merch FREE, so I'm going to focus on completing the prizes I've already arranged.

Giveaway spot prizes

I decided to give away two spot prizes, congratulations to Kathy Bee and Karina Barnett! I'm still waiting to hear from one of you, so if you see this, please check your emails!

I wanted to give away more spot prizes but unfortunately, I was restricted to NZ entries only, as the postage cost is far too much (as of writing this, I've only sent two of the four big winners prizes, and phew they were already a lot).

Anyway, that's it for this short update. Keep in touch!

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Karina Barnett
Karina Barnett
23 oct. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Loving the pins and goodies I was sent. Thank you so much! So many eyeballs to add to my fave zombie dress!

24 oct. 2023
En réponse à

AAAAAH!!!! You are so welcome! I love the idea of these going with a zombie dress! If you post these photos and/or the zombie dress with your new additional eyeballs on social media I would love to see, and would greatly appreciate the tag (@crosseyedmorgan on all platforms).

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