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What's going on???

I've been struggling to stick to my schedule recently, so I've decided to throw up a middle finger to the schedule! Posts and Twitch streaming may not be at the expected times for the rest of 2018, however I WILL still be doing art during this time.

You can still shop here, and I'll continue responding to purchase inquiries for items not in the shop.

Did you know that these drawings are already sold, before being listed anywhere?

If you want to see more of the series, check out the gallery here (and contact me asap if you'd like to purchase before they're gone!). I've just uploaded the latest drawings too.

This bug drawing has also been painted, and it's almost finished! If you want to see the progress head over to Twitch.

All of this will all lead up to a NEW schedule for 2019, as well as some other little specials and projects I've had swirling around my brain.

This may include streaming The Sims on Twitch... stay tuned.

In conclusion, I'm still very excited for all my new ideas and this new artwork being created - but I also need a bit of a break and Christmas seems like the best time to do that, right?