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LAST SALE - Bye 2018!

I'm closing down my Etsy store!

I'm ready to move on from my classic artworks and look forward to my future projects. I will be making a new store on my website of the latest drawings, paintings, and merch. Remember - new work means new prices, so get the deals on the older artworks while you have the chance!

Any ideas on what to do with these new drawings from 2018? I'm looking forward to using these, I think they're my best work yet!

Anyway, onto the sale! Head over to my shop here on my website (or directly to Etsy if that's easier), and put in the following codes: NewYearSale2019 for 40% off NewYearShip2019 for free shipping on domestic orders

Ends 25 January.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue my Xmas break with a bit of crafting! Did you see my latest projects on Instagram?

Have a great holiday, and I'll see you all in 2019!