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I didn't say anything about the New Year...

Hey everyone!

Thanks for being a supporter and being subscribed to my mailing list. I haven't really made up a schedule for emailing (obviously) but I also find too many emails really annoying so hopefully my rare and random emails are working for you!

Here's an introduction video I did for YouTube, you can see my total FAIL version of it HERE.

2019 has been a bit all over the place for me so far. Nothing super outrageous - don't worry, nothing is wrong, but due to many circumstances it's been a bit hard to get on with my art. 2018 went really well (mostly) with my Oral Fixation drawings, so I expected to be well into the watercolour versions of these by now.

Contact me for purchase inquiries, as two drawings are already sold and I've not yet set up a website shop (another 2019 thing I haven't quite finished!).

I've only managed two of the paintings, but a third is started and I just drew up some outlines for more the other day.

You can always check Instagram to see the work in progress!

And selfies of course....

So hopefully everything will start getting back to normal and I'll be a lot more productive! In the meantime, if you'd like to check out the archive of work then head on over to my facebook page (all for sale, if still available, just by the way!).

OH, one thing I DID get done was a couple videos of The Sims! This may seem irrelevant, but along with my artwork I was considering live-streaming playing The Sims and basing characters on myself/my art. What do you think?

Happy 2019, only 4 months too late....